Ex Hyperstore is our brand new website focused purely on hardware suitable for sites classed as explosive. There are many regulations in place relating to equipment used on such sites and companies must purchase suitable hardware to ensure that they are compliant and safe. We can supply ATEX certified phones, mobile computers, tablets, scanners and more that are suitable for such sites. Working closely with the major manufacturers and drawing upon our extensive knowledge of this industry, we are in a unique position to be able to offer advice on the equipment that is right for you.


Exhyperstore is a subsidiary of RealTime DC Ltd. As well as offering intrinsically safe hardware we also offer software solutions to use with the hardware. RealTime DC specialises in offering mobile software solutions and all the support and training needed to implement these systems. RealTime DC can offer mobile data capture solutions for almost any industry. Some of the areas RealTime DC works in are health and safety, asset management, location services, audit control, security patrols and ERP integration. Please take a look at our Solutions page to find out more.